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Writer and producer Oliver Callan, of Ireland’s RTE radio comedy show Nob Nation has come out as gay after accusations that one of his sketches was homophobic.

The programme which is known for poking fun at those in the public eye recently made fun of footballer Paul Galvin due to his interest in fashion, and his outspoken intention of moving into fashion buying.

The aforementioned sketch left Mr Galvin embarrassed by his portrayal on the radio show.

In response to this on The Saturday Night Show, Mr Callan said: “I’m bemused by this. Let’s get the record straight. I’m not a homophobe because I’m gay. Big deal.”

The 30-year-old impressionist who was recently in a public feud with Kerry footballer Galvin said: “I didn’t set out to offend the man.  It’s a pity he didn’t laugh at it. What more can I say?”

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