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A special edition of Australian Quarterly dives into the reality of structural inequalities in Australian society.

We all know that “inequality” is a symptom of cemented structural hierarchies in different realms of society, but it can often be easier to cite “structural inequality” as a problem, and then move on, than to spend time interrogating just how inequality looks when it is realized, and why it is that it persists when equality is supposedly the foundational backbone of any democracy.

For example, we know that LGBTI communities in Australia are treated as unequal in many ways – from marriage rights, to social stigma, to tax concessions.

AQ: Australian Quarterly will be exploring issues such as these in its upcoming Special Edition, “Inequality In Australia”, and looking at how they intersect with other inequalities, like racial prejudice and economic disadvantage.

The issue will bring together some of Australia’s most respected thinkers to tackle what is one of the most complex challenges facing this country and the world, including such luminaries as Eva Cox AO, Prof Frank Stilwell (USyd) and Prof Peter Whiteford (ANU). AQ’s 2017 Special Edition is a critical and thought-provoking addition to the global debate.

Is inequality a symptom or an illness; how do our built environments exacerbate inequity; how unequal actually is Australia? The Inequality issue, which will be released on July 1st, seeks to answer some of these questions, and will be available via print or online subscription.

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