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House of Fraser have launched an investigation after a gay couple was supposedly subjected to homophobic abuse from staff while shopping in a London store.

Reggie Tailor, also know as London DJ Fat Tony, was shopping in the perfume section of the Victoria branch of House of Fraser with his fiancé, David, when two different members of staff laughed at them and used offensive and homophobic words.

While shopping for perfume, the couple say a security guard called them a ‘c***sucker’ and a ‘batty man’, after one of his colleagues, a female shop assistant smirked and ‘kissed her teeth’ at them after saying she didn’t have a problem with the couple.

When the popular DJ tried to film the incident, he claims the security guard then threatened to “smash” the phone out of his hand and “smash” his teeth down his throat.’

Mr Tailor told PinkNews that the incident was both ‘intimidating’ and ‘abusive’ and said he was shocked to fall victim to such behaviour in such a popular and public place.

‘I’m a 50-year-old gay man who has grown up in the centre of London,” said Tailor, “So being called names is like water off a duck’s back but to experience that sort of abuse in the middle of a department store was very intense.’

A House of Fraser spokesperson said: “We are incredibly disappointed to hear that a member of our staff has allegedly been abusive to a customer.

“We take these allegations extremely seriously and are currently investigating thoroughly.

“At House of Fraser, we do not tolerate any type of verbal or physical abuse.”

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