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Hook-up culture is a new phenomenon in human society. As such, there are a lot of new challenges and concerns to think about. While the tendency is for most people, old and young alike, is to jump right into online dating, the truth is that it is one of the more dangerous activities people engage in on a regular basis. Hooking up online is a lot of fun. And most of the time it’s completely safe. You not only have the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting singles, but you might also even find the love of your life in the process. 

That can only happen though if you take care of yourself and learn to cultivate some really positive experiences. To engage in hookup culture safely, there are several things to consider. This article will discuss some of the different aspects of safely hooking up with new partners and how to do it. 

There Are Many Aspects Of Safety To Consider.

When talking about safety, most people jump to physical safety in their minds. And that is the most obvious and important aspect of health and safety. However, there are many other aspects of safety that need to be considered. Having a good idea of these considerations will likely keep you safer in the future. 

Hooking up online typically involves some sort of online dating platform, right? Additionally, there are a lot of the top adult sex site options available. High-quality sites and platforms are better for your safety because they help to keep everyone accountable. Different sites also cater to individuals’ specific needs. Safety concerns are different for people on a traditional date from people engaging in group sex. All of these things need to be considered.   

Staying Healthy.

Maintaining your health and wellness is one of the top concerns. This goes beyond physical harm. Staying healthy means protecting oneself from deleterious health consequences of risky behaviours. Namely, STD/STI occurrences. 

Part of staying healthy is using contraceptives and safe sex practices to keep you free of STD-related health issues and unwanted pregnancies (if that applies to your relationship). You can’t rely on your hookup to be responsible. It falls on your shoulders regardless of your role in the bedroom.

Hygiene is always a concern in the bedroom. With the increased prevalence of anal sex in the bedroom, this is becoming more important. Unprotected oral stimulation of someone’s backside can lead to gastrointestinal disturbances reminiscent of food poisoning. So unless you want to be down and out for a few days, make sure to use protection. 

There are many other minor health issues that can result from engaging in physical contact with people. These are normal but can still impact your health negatively and should be considered. These include but are not limited to:

  • Non-sexual fungal infections
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Pink eye
  • TB

Just be sure to practice caution and be observant while you’re getting to know your date. 

Staying Secure.

The biggest issue on most people’s minds is personal security. Going out to meet a stranger all on your own can be pretty frightening. You likely don’t know much about them. And profiles are never to be trusted. Most people don’t advertise their issues on their profiles. Some of the most put-together profiles are built by the most unstable and erratic individuals. 

Regardless of gender, it’s of the utmost importance to take care of your physical safety when going out with a new person. Make sure you’re doing a few things to stay safe when going out on a date. 

  • Tell someone where you’re going and your basic plans for the evening. 
  • Keep your phone charged, bring a battery backup
  • Screenshot your date’s profile and send it to your buddy
  • When you get there, take a fun selfie with your date. Send that too
  • If your date wants to change plans and go to an undecided location, let your friend know.
  • The same is true if you decide to spend the night with them. Whether at your place or theirs, be sure to let someone know.
  • Carry some kind of protection with you.

Of course, most of the time there will be no issues at all. However, it’s important to stay vigilant especially when going out with someone new.

Protecting Your Privacy.

Safety extends beyond your physical body. This is particularly true in the modern era where our lives can be stolen and destroyed by a stroke of the keyboard or the press of a button. Protecting your privacy includes protecting personal information and containing any revealing images of yourself.

Most people will be more open and relaxed with their lovers than anyone else in their lives. People tend to open up during pillow talk and they get lax with their personal protection concerns. Someone may see your phone password if you get too relaxed, or they may dig into your phone if you leave it unlocked and walk out of the room. Leaving your wallet or purse laying around also makes it susceptible to intrusion. In the era of digital commerce and cameras in everyone’s pockets, financial ruin can occur in mere minutes of distraction if someone manages to photograph your IDs and cards.

The other major aspect of privacy is concerning the presence of digital photography or videography that shows a person in compromising attire, or lack of. Sexual photography can be a lot of fun for couples regardless of whether they just hooked up for the first or thousandth time. However, it comes with a lot of problems. It’s also possible that a lover may photograph you without your consent when you’re sleeping or in the shower. 

It’s very important to protect your digital image. Revealing photos can destroy careers. They have been used to blackmail and hold people hostage in fear. They can be sold or uploaded to the web as an attempt to coerce or destroy you. Even if you gave the photos at the height of the relationship, an angry or disgruntled ex may still use them against you way down the road. 

Part of protecting yourself means making good decisions about your digital privacy to protect your life, your finances, your dignity, and your career.  

Securing Your Possessions.

Beware of thieves should be the heading here. One of the more common complaints when it comes to hooking up with random strangers is theft. It’s always important to be mindful of theft when inviting new people to your home, or even when leaving your things lying around. 

Don’t judge your date by their cover, or how great they were in bed last night. You just met the person and you don’t know much about them. It’s important to keep this in mind if you want to keep your possessions safe. 

Theft from guests can come in a few different forms. The most common is spontaneous thefts. These are when your guest takes an opportunity to steal something that they really like or something of value. It’s usually just a thing or two, even though it may be your most expensive and cherished possession. They may take it on their way out and cease all contact with you.

Another ruse is to cast your residence in the process of having some playtime at your expense. Later, they may unlock a window, or look for weaknesses in your home’s security. Only to come later with an easy way in and a shopping list they wrote last night while you were drifting off to sleep. Just watch your back and you may want to go around and double-check the windows and locks. 

Stick To Your System.

It’s important to stick to your safety protocol. Regardless of the crime, victims often talk about how they are always diligent only to be robbed or attacked the one time they are slacking off. And let’s face it, the vast majority of hookups will go beautifully. And that will lure even the most diligent of people into a false sense of security. 

Developing a list of precautionary steps and protocols will ensure your long-term safety. Having the best methods and contingencies will keep you in control of your environment and safety. 

  • Let someone know where you’re going and update them when plans change 
  • Take their profile screenshot and a selfie with both your outfits visible and send those to a friend
  • Ask questions and go with your gut
  • If you feel coerced at any time, remove yourself from the situation and get help if necessary
  • Use safe sex measures to protect your health and be mindful of any secondary concerns like the flu
  • Watch your back and bring some crime deterrents like pepper-spray 
  • Don’t let anyone take pictures or videos of you unless you can guarantee they won’t use it(be sure it’s reciprocal)
  • Guard your digital security and IDs, and keep an eye on your personal belongings 

It’s likely you’ll never need any of the safety measures mentioned here. But on the off chance that you do, it’s important to be prepared. It will quite literally save your life. While detailing all of the safety concerns makes online hookup culture appear dangerous, it’s really just common sense. Don’t fall into the trap of trusting a person that you just met. You may feel incredibly close and trusting with them after a night of Netflix and chill, but it’s too early to let your guard down and spill the beans. Your safety concerns are of the utmost importance. So put yourself first and stay in control of your destiny!

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