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The driver described being gay as ‘not normal’.

Earlier this month, Lewis Peters took an Uber from a work event in London when in conversation with his driver, he asked what his craziest Uber ride had been.

The driver responded: “There were two guys in the back of my car, kissing… It was disgusting and vile. It’s not normal.”

Peters said that he felt immediately unsafe, saying: “It’s not that I expected him to physically attack me. But I was alone in a car with a homophobe.

“I started calculating if he had realised I was gay and reckoned not.”

Writing for GSN, he explained: “I just sat in silence as he continued to spurt his verbal abuse. I was thinking of all the ways I could possibly keep myself safe in this situation.

“His hate had pushed me back in the closet for that journey, making me uncomfortable and, I admit, angry.”

However, at the end of the journey, Peters slammed the door as he told his driver, “You just had a ride with a gay guy.”

After complaining to Uber he was prompltly contacted by a senior support specialist. Peters received an apology for his experience and was assured that Uber has a “strict policy with regard to discrimination of any kind”.

Peters was given a full refund and the driver suspended whilst an investigation took place.

He added: “Long term, I think Uber should install cameras into the cars for driver and rider safety.”

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