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Hallmark greeting card company has just released an adorable new Christmas ad that features a gay couple.

The card company took to Facebook last week and posted a short clip showing the couple unpacking several boxes in their new home. One of the men finds their first Christmas tree.

“Just can’t let go of …anything?” Hallmark wrote in unveiling the ad. “Unwrap, unpack and commemorate the moments that matter.”

One man finds the couple’s first Christmas tree in a box.

“This was our first tree,” the man says.

“You know what it needs? An accessory,” his partner says before hanging a “New Home 2016” ornament.

“Mi casa es su casa,” the partner says as the couple admires the tree.

This is not the first time Hallmark has celebrated equality and freedom to love.

Back in February, a Valentine’s Day campaign featuring two gay dads.

You can watch the ad here: Hallmark Video


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