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MeredithBaxterMeredith Baxter, who starred in popular 80s US TV show Family Ties, made an appearance on Oprah to discuss her decision to come out as gay.



Baxter, 63, told Oprah how she lived a “secret life” before coming out, putting up with a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. She alleges in her new book, Untied, that her husband David Birney, 71, also an actor, was violent throughout their marriage. The pair divorced in 1989; Birney denies the allegations.

The actress realised that she was gay in 2002 and is now in a relationship with Nancy Locke, 54, who along with Baxter’s children and co-star Michael Gross, accompanied her on the chat show. The pair held hands throughout. Baxter described it as being “the healthiest relationship I have ever had” and that when she first came to terms with the fact that she was gay, “It didn’t scare me and I don’t know why I wasn’t confused about it.” She has been with Locke since 2005.

Michael J. Fox, who starred in Family Ties with Baxter, sent a message to the show. He praised her relationship with Locke, saying, “She found someone she loved, and deserves a big plate of happiness to be who she is and who she wants to share her life with.”

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