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davidlawsDavid Laws, the former Lib Dem treasury minister banned from parliament for fiddling expenses, reveals he is ashamed of hiding his same sex relationship.



The MP was exposed last year for claiming thousands of pounds to fund a flat the shared with his partner.

Law’s states his reason for lying was to protect his privacy and avoid outing himself as gay. But an official enquiry ordered him to repay £56,000 and publicly apologise for his behaviour.

Well known homosexuals have criticised Law’s conduct and have accused him of setting a poor example.

He has spoken out about his decision to conceal his sexuality “Yes, I regret [it]” he told The Times “I don’t think that as an MP and somebody who was education spokesman for the party that I set a very good example in that regard.”

“I think everybody when they grow up and when they are young, likes to fit in and doesn’t like to . . . stand out in a way that is likely to be ridiculed or to cause people to not want to be friends with them or whatever,” he said.

“And therefore it was always easier at school, ever since I can remember being aware of my sexuality, to keep it secret.”

He also describes the warm reaction from his family and others since he came out as ‘the silver lining’ to a tough year.

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