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Da_Xige_Chinese_TransA cross-dressing garbage collector in China has become an overnight celebrity and won the sympathy of his nation after he was mocked by news channel QTV and Chinese Youtube – Tudou.

A television station in Qingdao, Eastern China, reported that a fire broke out in the home of Da Xige (or Mr. Great Happiness) before showing footage of his destroyed home and a short clip of him wearing women’s clothes.

The news station anchor ended the report by joking “What on earth has happened? I want to know more about this than just the fire itself.”

The Chinese version of Youtube, Tudou posted the news video on their website the next day, describing Da Xige as the “Qingdao Freak” and a “monster”, claims newspaper the Shanghaiist. However members of the Chinese public quickly voiced their anger, leaving comments saying that Mr Xige’s treatment was “inhumane”, demanding he receive an apology and the video be removed.

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