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Irish Mythen chats about her upcoming Australian Tour!

Think back to a time in your life when you heard music that was so powerful and beautiful you were instantly engaged. Canadian songwriter and storyteller extraordinaire Irish Mythen has conquered the Australian folk scene over the past two years, with performances that pin you to the back wall with their honesty, wit, and emotional intelligence. Her music is the root of small communities and the strength of a loyal fan base.

Irish is a true entertainer who is known for her gripping live performances. She is the storyteller who will grasp your attention and who will bring you on an incredible and emotional journey – as well as the comedian with a joie de vivre who’ll have you laughing from the very beginning until long after she’s left the bandstand.

Irish is back on Australian shores this March and April for a 6-week tour that takes in some major festivals, including her second appearance at Bluesfest, and club dates up and down the east coast.

LOTL had the honor of chatting to this hilarious star about her music and upcoming visit to Australia!

For those readers who aren’t as familiar with your music, could you give us a taste of what your style is and which, if any, artist or bands you’ve drawn influence from?

My style would be contemporary folk. I love lyrics. Anything or anyone that brings me into the song and tells me a story I just love. Tracey Chapman, Ryan Adams, Sinēad O’Connor, Luke Kelly and he list goes on and on. They all each of them tell me the stories that make me dive into each of their songs. Brilliant!

Now you won ‘Songwriter of the Year’ for your awesome hit “Gypsy Dancer” – can you tell us a bit about the song and the writing process?

Well that song was a bit of a pain process, haha, that sounds way more tragic than it is but it’s about a woman I met who got away, but then came back, then got away again but then came back. BUT I wrote the song before she was back again, haha. The song means a lot to me. It was the first real time that I said to hell with it I’m baring my soul here. Most of my songs before were about other people and their story… this was about me directly.

What are you looking forward to most when you come to Australia again?

I just go crazy for the Australian audience because they are so into their music. They get right behind new artists that they find. They follow you around and learn your material and we’ll just truthfully they are my favourite crowd to play to. Aaaand it’s snowing in Canada so the gorgeous flipping weather helps. Thanks for that!

Is there a loved one back at home that will miss you when you’re gone?

Well now that would be telling! Let’s just say, I am a very lucky woman when it comes to loving and being loved. My partner, Randell, is an amazing person who I couldn’t do this without. I am on the road ten months of the year. You can’t do that without such a force behind you as I have in Randell. She is my rock.

Do you have a favourite song to play live? If so, which one and why?

There’s a couple I love doing. One is actually the one you mentioned before “Gypsy Dancer” and the other one is “I don’t have to fear”. That song gives me strength in these weird and, sometimes, unforgiving times. It’s a “I don’t care what you say or think about me or mine, I am valid, I am worthy, I am loved and I am not going anywhere” …Mr Trump, haha.

Thanks so much for asking me these questions. I want anyone who reads this and sees me on the road to run right up and say “Lesbians On The Loose!” and that would make me very happy…

Irish has been gathering awards and accolades left, right, and centre since her last visit – having won SOCAN ‘Songwriter of the Year’ for the tune ‘Gypsy Dancer’, and was was nominated for ‘Artist of the Year’ at the prestigious International Folk Music Awards, for Folk Alliance International in Kansas City.

Her 2017 of Australia takes in the east coast from Cairns to Melbourne, please see below for full list of tour dates or head to her Website.

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