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A British man jailed for ‘homosexual acts’ has been released after a month-long incarceration.

Ray Cole, 69, a retired magazine publisher from Kent and his Moroccan lover, Jamal Wald Nass, were given four-month sentences after police accused them of being involved in homosexual acts. Both men were released early after an International outcry.

Cole told the Independent newspaper that police “…went through everything – even my PayPal account. My personal life was examined forensically. It’s horrible. You just feel naked. They can do whatever they like. It’s a total police state.”

“Straight away [there was] the insinuation that we were homosexual,” he said. “They [the police] said, ‘We’ve got religion here. You’re filth and scum.’ They did their best to humiliate us.

British MPs and Lord Michael Cashman, Labour’s newly appointed LGBT Envoy, were among those who called for Morocco to face economic and diplomatic consequences for their actions.

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