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Every business, unless it is in a very niche space, is competing with millions of other businesses. It is easy for a business to be lost in all the noise and this is why a business has to find a way to stand out. The best way to do so is to create a strong brand identity. Creating a brand identity is more than creating a logo and below we will touch on a few tips to help you get started.

An interesting visual language

Branding is about how you are heard and how you are seen. Once you understand your business and brand, it is time to bring it to life visually. The best place to start is with your brand’s logo. Although your logo will not be the only element included in your visual identity, it is what all the other elements will be hinged upon. Your logo will appear in everything from your packaging to your website and it helps tie everything together.

Creating a great visual language helps create consistency which then helps create a familiarity with your existing and potential customers. Two of the most important aspects of your visual identity are your colours and type. A colour palette gives you a variety of colours to choose from when creating marketing and other materials so that they stand out while still being recognised as part of your brand.

Visual identity

Staying consistent is key because it can break your brand identity. You do not want fragmented visual elements all over the place since people might find it hard to associate them with your brand. Consistency is one of the most challenging aspects of creating a visual identity and this is why it is always a good idea to get a brand design agency to create your visual identity for you. A brand design agency like Ice House Design is a great option because they work with new and existing brands as well as small and larger businesses to create well-thought-out brand identities. They help you to show what your business stands for through their visual and other communications meant for brand identification.

Brand language

Now that you have a visual language for your brand, you need to create language that helps you integrate your brand with the communities you are targeting. The language and voice you choose will be used in all that you put out, whether it be on social media, your website, video ads or even content published outside your brand’s channels.

The language should match the brand’s personality. The language can be professional, laid back, quirky or even playful depending on your audience. You should also be able to use this language to tell emotional stories that help establish emotional connections with your audience.

Creating a memorable brand identity is hard work. However, things get much easier once you lay the right foundation. Start with your visual identity and brand language and go from there to create a memorable brand identity.

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