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Even before the global pandemic that literally forced a large portion of the population to work solely or partially from home, there were thousands of people who were tired of the corporate environment that stifled their growth. Sometimes, as professionals, they went unrewarded for improvements on products and other times they were simply tired of the daily nine-to-five grind in which there was no wiggle room. This began the trend toward solopreneurs launching home-based businesses they could control and profit from. If you are striving to build a business from home, the one bit of advice you can certainly benefit from is in learning how to use social media to open the door to explosive growth. In fact, you can start capitalising on the power of social media today, beginning with these three tips.

1. Keep it legal

There is one thing, however, you can learn from those mega corporations. They built their success by keeping all their business dealings legal. Begin by registering your company in the state, or states, you wish to do business in. For example, if you intend to register your business in the State of Georgia, even though you won’t have a physical address there, get a virtual mailbox Georgia address from Use that to register your business in that state. 

You can get an actual physical address at which to receive mail and it is perfectly legal to use as a business registration address. It is, after all, a real location where you can have the business in Atlanta forward mail to you in digital format. has been in business for over eight years, serving thousands of solopreneurs like yourself.

2. Be selective 

Social media is absolutely the best way to reach an unlimited audience if you choose the right social sites to market within. For example, if you intend to use “how-to” video content to market products you sell, YouTube would probably be your best platform for that kind of content. 

If you are going to market products with images, you may want to create a business profile in Instagram where your storyboards will capture the interest of your audience. The point is, not all social accounts are as effective for all industries or niches, so be selective in the social sites you choose. 

3. Stay active!

Remember, we are talking about social media here. As a solopreneur you can control your conversations, unlike when you were working for those corporations you left behind. It isn’t social if you don’t engage and communicate with your followers so make sure to stay active in a voice you want them to hear. Be authentically you! 

Don’t just post content without watching for comments or feedback. When someone posts a question or comment, by all means recognise them! Keep the conversation going to show that you value them. That’s the key to success on social media. It’s the key that unlocks the door to unlimited growth by building solid relationships with your customers. Now, that’s being social!

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