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A brand new talent, communications and branding agency has landed and it’s no coincidence that Daddy The Agency, headquartered in London, celebrated its launch during Pride Month.  

At the helm of the talent, communications and branding agency are two young LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs intent on shaking off antiquated industry traditions in favour of powerful, inclusive campaigns with thought leaders, change makers and headline makers. 

“We’re proud to be the only openly queer, sex-positive agency in London” says Daddy Co-Founder Chad Tiexiera. “We embrace the outliers and the underdogs, we see the shine in everyone and we work so hard to champion people pushing for positive change.” 

Identity and representation

Chad, aged just 26, has already grown talent and branding agencies from small start ups to seven figure businesses and has spoken openly in the press about his own struggles with mental health, identity and representation.  

 “My co-founder and I were fed up of working with people who raised their eyebrows in meetings and said awful things about others behind their backs but were happy to co-opt queer culture, sex positivity and all the messy, beautiful, chaotic parts of life to fit their Pride Month campaign. We thought, why not just create a space where we can work with and represent people like us, because we love it, not because it’s a novelty or a check box.” 

Queer sex writer

Emilie Lavinia, a queer sex writer and branding expert and the Co-Founder of Daddy The Agency said, “I’ve worked in advertising, PR and journalism for ten years and seeing how sex-positive brand founders, adult workers, queer activists and sexual health advocates are treated by agencies frustrated me.

“That’s why we created Daddy. And now we work with some of the biggest names in their fields and some of the most influential brands and businesses. If your talent manager has dropped you because you do OnlyFans or your PR tells you they can’t place you because you sell vibrators, best believe we’re ready to work with you.”  

A shoulder to cry on

The agency represents the likes of Danniela Westbrook, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Crystal Will See You Now, Declan Doyle, Scott McGlynn, Amy Day, Robbie McMahon and brands like, Hot Octopuss and many more. 

Emilie says “We’re the one you call when you need bailing out, when things haven’t worked out. Looking for reassurance? A shoulder to cry on? A game plan, a strategy? A manager, a coach or a friend? Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’ve got you. Now, who’s your daddy?” 

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