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111122031431-brandon-mcinerney-yearbook-story-bodyBrandon McInerney, the Californian student who shot a gay classmate, has been sentenced to 21 years in prison.

McInerney was 14 when he took a gun to Green Middle School and shot classmate Larry King in the back of the head during a computer science lesson in 2008. McInerney claimed he had acted on impulse, but the court heard that he had informed a fellow student of his intention to kill King the night before the shooting.

McInerney pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and unlawful use of a firearm after jurors deadlocked during his trial as an adult on a first-degree murder charge.

Scott Wippert, McInerney’s lawyer said “He feels deeply remorseful and stated repeatedly if he could go back and take back what he did, he would do it in a heartbeat.”

McInerney has already served nearly four years in custody. Greg King, the victim’s father, addressed McInerney during the sentencing, saying: “You have left a big hole in my heart where Larry was and it can never be filled.”

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