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127929940-15141941Ben & Jerry’s have shown their support of gay marriage, by launching a new look and name for their apple pie flavour, now aptly called “Apple-y Ever After.”

As Scottish and English Parliaments debate the legalisation of gay marriage this week, the American ice cream company has changed the name and packaging of the flavour. The new ice cream carton, features two men in tuxedos standing on top of a wedding cake. The new look will be available in selected stores throughout the country.

Ben & Jerry’s also teamed up with the gay rights organization Stonewall to launch a Facebook app that lets users “marry” someone of the same sex to show their support for gay marriage. Once you are ‘married’, both your pictures will show up on Ben & Jerry’s UK Facebook page under the header “recently married.”

The site will also post a note to your wall that reads, “I’m supporting marriage equality in the UK with Ben & Jerry’s. Everyone should have the right to live Apple-y Ever After! Peace, love and fairtrade ice cream!”

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