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Video footage shows the shocking moment a transgender woman was pinned down and viciously flogged by a gang of men in Pakistan as ‘punishment for her bad habits’.

Arrests were made in the eastern city of Sialkot after a video of the abuse was posted on social media and shared thousands of times.

Police chief Abid Khan said five of those arrested have been charged with torture and extortion, while the other five are under investigation.

In another brutal act, the victim’s clothing is pulled down from her waist before the whipping continues. One of the men then shouts at the camera.

Others appear to try to intervene to stop the beating, but the onslaught carries on throughout the nearly 2-minute clip.

The alleged gang leader, told Dunya News: “I was punishing him because he didn’t refrain from his bad habits.”

Violence against the transgender community in Pakistan is rife, as they are considered social outcasts who often live in fear of such attacks.

TransAction, a local transgender rights group, posted an interview with another transgender woman, identified as Jolie, who said she was present when the attack took place.

She confirmed the gang barged into a house, where several transgender women were living, and beat and tortured one of them for several hours.

Police official Iqbal Sindhu confirmed Jolie was present at the scene.

WARNING: Video below contains upsetting scenes:

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