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MODA lesbian Army captain who allegedly had an affair with a female soldier “abused her rank and appointment”, a tribunal heard.

Captain Karen Tait, 29, and Sergeant Caroline Graham, 35, who were serving together in Afghanistan, were both sent home early after being accused of undermining the chain of command, in 2009.

Major Joe Walker, who investigated the case, said at the tribunal that the evidence for the two women’s affair was “overwhelming”.

Tait and Graham admit that they had a sexual relationship before they were deployed, but both insist that they ended their affair when serving in Afghanistan. They claim to have been singled out by homophobic superiors.

Tait also told the hearing that she knew of heterosexual couples in the company who had not been disciplined for their relationships.

She is suing the Ministry of Defence and her commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Deborah Poneskis, for discrimination based on sexuality.

The London Central Employment Tribunal heard that the formal rebuke issued to Tate upon her return to the UK had damaged her prospects of promotion and that her contract with the Army will not be renewed when it expires in 2013.

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