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Hospitals in Orlando say they will not charge for treatment provided to survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre in which 49 people died.


After the attack by gunman  Omar Mateen on 12 June, dozens of  people needed immediate medical attention.

The Florida hospitals said that survivors of the massacre will not have to pay for their medical expenses, which add up to millions of dollars.

“Orlando Health has not sent any hospital or medical bills directly to Pulse patients and we don’t intend to pursue reimbursement of medical costs from them,” said a spokeswoman for Orlando Health.

They will also explore other options to help victims with ongoing medical costs.

“These include state and federal funds, private insurance, victim funds like the One Orlando fund, disability insurance, Florida’s crime victim compensation program, funding sources established for individual victims, means-tested programs like Medicaid, as well as charity care provided by Orlando Health,” the hospital said in a statement.


Daryl Tol, president of Florida Hospital, said the gesture mirrors the community’s actions.

“It was incredible to see how our community came together in the wake of the senseless Pulse shooting,” Tol said in a statement.

“We hope this gesture can add to the heart and goodwill that defines Orlando.”

Hillary Clinton recently made an unscheduled visit to the Pulse nightclub in Orlando to speak with survivors and the families of those killed.


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