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How do you discover the LGBT social media influencers among us? By finding out who’s who in the LGBT UK Leaders & Influencers Social Media Powerlist.

The list was originally established to focus on senior business leaders and expanded in 2015 to include senior and influential politicians, campaigners, public sector and other notable LGBT people and other advocates and supporters of LGBT rights with strong connections to the UK.

It’s an impressive group of movers and shakers – and the changing look of the list indicates an expanding and inspiring sense of what it means to have influence in 2016.

Each week The LGBT UK Power 250 recognises the most inspiring social media accounts so you can follow them, join the community and learn more.

Klout scores are used to rank influencers. Klout takes into account social media activity and engagement across many social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

If you’d like to follow the board to keep track of what happens each week, sign up with your email address via the Follow button.

Theologian, writer, broadcaster and keynote speaker, Vicky Beeching, continues to top this week’s list (May 2nd), which also includes politician Angela Eagle, actor Charlie Condou and retail guru Mary Portas:

Vicky Beeching at Digital Pride
Vicky Beeching at Digital Pride

Vicky Beeching
Power Score: 99

Rank: 2nd
Peter Tatchell
Power Score: 97

Rank: 3rd
Patrick Strudwick
Power Score: 96

Rank: 4th
Johann Hari
Power Score: 96

Rank: 5th
Chris Bryant MP
Power Score: 96

Rank: 6th
Angela Eagle
Power Score: 95

Rank: 7th
Gary Millar
Power Score: 94

Rank: 8th
Mary Portas
Power Score: 92

Rank: 9th
Charlie Condou
Power Score: 91

Rank: 10th
Conor Collins
Power Score: 89

See the list in full here.

The leaderboard was established by Mark Gossington in his individual capacity in 2015. Rankings are generated automatically and are not the views of PwC, Mark Gossington nor any other organisation.

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