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Steven Smith, author and beauty expert, talks about the latest must-have look: the Aston Cougar, Kylie Jenner Chin.

Around five years ago, while on holiday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I went out for dinner. Fort Lauderdale is a town known for its extremes, from the stunning model type to those that, shall we say, could do with losing a few pounds for health reasons.

Either way, even if you’re body confident, the beaches of Florida can make you want to tone and improve a bit more.


Joining us that night at dinner were a beautiful couple from LA. The man looked like someone had carved him, he was so perfect and chiselled – George Clooney and Aston Cougar rolled into one. She was an Angelina Jolie looking Latin stunner. It was hard to take my eyes off them. Luckily, they were amusing as well as stunning.

Before I knew it, I was telling him I would kill for a chin like his. The lady laughed, “It’s yours for $10,000 dollars, honey.” Turned out he HAD been carved – by a cosmetic surgeon. He had cheek implants and chin, his eyes done, two hair transplants. “Let’s not go down below” she laughed. (No, let’s not – OutNews Editor).

Aston Cougar. Seriously dishy.

The fascinating subject of cosmetic surgery work dominated the evening. Not only had he paid a great deal for his chin, but he had had to go back twice due to it rupturing once and another issue, plus he had to have it replaced every ten years. He even had a scar under the chin.

All of this put me off ever going under the knife. Cosmetic surgery, unlike aesthetic work, often means being knocked out by anaesthetic and spending a great deal of time recovering from what is serious surgery.

Let’s get this right for the critics, I am not bad looking (no oil painting) and grateful for what nature gave me, but improvement never did anyone any harm.

After the gym, staying fir and looking after yourself, a little upgrade is something that should not be seen as vain or self-indulgent. Being the best version of yourself is important in life and business. As long as it does not become addictive and is not about crippling issues with self-image or self-esteem.

Writing on beauty and aesthetics over the years, I keep my eyes out for the latest treatments and was delighted to see an alternative to chin implants. My chin always looked too pointy to me and I would love to do something about it.

It’s true that a friend said, “God you have to be kidding”, but I was getting a little heavy around the jaw and my chin looked a little pointier.



If my flat started to fall down I would not think twice about getting the workmen in. At least a consultation could do no harm.

I went to see a celebrity doctor, Dr. Ioannis Liakas of Vie Aesthetics, popular with the stars, royalty and it seems everyone (one of my model friends swears by him) at his Harley Street clinic.

He tells me that, though he does not encourage people to look like anyone but themselves, the Aston-George Clooney jawline is one of his top requests. He says he takes it as a general feel of the look. Rather like going to the hairdresser and asking to have your hair like a star.

Though it is not pushed on me he says many combine the jawline filler with other treatments such as cheek filler and lifting treatment to create a three-dimensional effect. Some people even add lip filler, but he says my lips do not need doing. He would start off with the chin jawline filler that would lift the sagging area I am concerned about and square it off.

A very important note at this point: only ever take advice from the doctor and check that they are an actual Doctor of Medicine. There are too many sales people out there who are not qualified, masking themselves as skin experts, even the people in the office should only be telling you about their experience or how much the price is generally. Be safe.

Safe hands

Doctor Ioannis is an NHS consultant physician, gerontologist, and he has been an experienced practitioner in aesthetic medicine for over 10 years. I felt confident that I was in safe hands.

There are a couple of other things to look out for when having your consultation:

It’s Doctor Ioannis!

1 You are asked for your full medical history

2 The clinic is spotlessly clean

3 Your consultation is not with a salesperson

4 Later on, that your clothing and you are protected during treatment.

Doctor Ioannis recommended derma filler. After a local anaesthetic he would insert it into four points in the face that would lift my jawline and make my chin look squarer. The results would be immediate and improve over the month and should last 9 -12 months. There should be no side effects other than possible bruising. A little arnica cream could ease that.

Really, injections and I do not get on, but it seemed to be over quite quickly, and any other discomfort may have been psychosomatic.

Honestly, the results were immediate, and I looked fresh and chiselled. It was a delight to me. I was a little lumpy in places to touch, but Ioannis assured me with some gentle massage that it would go over the next week and it was quite normal.

Your correspondent, before and after.

With treatments starting at £250, it is a lot cheaper than the cosmetic alternative and I was able to do this in my lunch break and go for a meeting after without anyone asking me, “What have you had done”.

Dr Ioannis asked to see me in two weeks to make sure that everything had settled, and I was happy with the results. (Make sure you are offered a follow up free of charge.)

It took about three weeks for people to even notice. First, I had a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Anne-Marie Bikerton to have my new headshots done and make-up artist to the stars

Sherrie Warwick noticed, “You look so well”. It took an hour before she said, “Did you have a facelift when you were in Thailand?”

Of course, it was just a combination of the filler and holiday that had made me look a little younger.

For sure I would have the filler done again. What nature takes away, luckily in this day and age, the Doctor can put back.

More information from the British Medical Association here.

Pictures by Anne Marie Bikerton


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