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Brunei, the former British colony which gained independence in 1984, has announced that from 3rd April it will impose death by stoning as the penalty for those found guilty of having gay sex. Executions will be “witnessed by a group of Muslims”.

Brunei is currently rolling out a new penal code based on Sharia Law. Adultery will also attract the death penalty, again by stoning, while those found guilty of theft will face having their hands and feet amputated. Failing to pray on a Friday will be punished by a jail sentence, as will the “crime” of having a child outside marriage.

The Sultan of Brunei, the Kingdom’s absolute monarch, owns the Dorchester Collection, a group of luxury hotels with assets all over the world. Those wishing not to contribute unwittingly to the coffers of the Kingdom will find a full list of the group’s hotels here.

Other countries with the death penalty for gay sex are Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar (applicable to all extra-marital sex, irrespective of gender) and Somalia.

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  1. This is Brunei’s laws, we (British) should not dictate to other governments how they run their countries.

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