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Today, while the world is busy making up silly fake stories for April 1st, the Women’s Equality Party will draw attention to some real facts that are anything but a joke.

“This April Fool’s Day, WE are calling out some of the many unbelievable truths about gender inequality in the UK, using the hashtag #NotAnAprilFools,” said Women’s Equality Party leader Sophie Walker.

“Last year, for example, 5,700 new cases of female genital mutilation were reported in the UK, while 33% of 5-year-old girls said they wanted to be thinner. This is so shocking it sounds unbelievable – but sadly it’s true. We’re using April Fool’s Day to make this point loud and clear.”

The Party has drawn support from a wide range of notable tweeters, who have taken to social media to join in with the campaign.

“We want to make the very serious point that women are still having to fight for equality across all areas of public and private life,” Walker added. “We think it’s a joke that men still outnumber women at all levels of politics, which is why we are standing candidates in local elections across the UK, as well as contesting the Liverpool Metro Mayoral election. We’re using 1 April to call out gender inequality: we’ll be making an even bigger noise when election results come in on 4 May.”

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