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Yippee! My bags are packed, ready for the OutNewsGlobal annual summer getaway.  Many of us will have been pre-bronzing and exercising, ready to strip off and show that perfect-10 body, or at least a little muscle. No, it is not true that muscle guys only go for other six pack beauties.  But the biggest turn offs for people who work out are the things people think it is okay to say to them. 


Seven things you never to say to someone who goes to the gym regularly 

1) Hey, are you still working out?

Try “Still loving the gym?” causing no offence and allowing the person to say yes or no.

2) Gosh, what do you take to look like that, it’s not just exercise?

Try “Do you take supplements?” and “What do you eat to go with your training, please can you advise me?” 

3) Have you lost or gained weight?

Neither of these comments will endear you to someone who loves the gym..

Try “You’re looking good!” A positive is always better.  

4) Really, I wish I had the time to get to the gym /exercise like you, but my schedule is just so busy with work and family, I hardly have time to breathe…

Try “I know how busy you are just like me.  How can I fit some work-out time into my schedule? What is your secret?”

5) Man, you just must be on steroids to look that good!

Try a slap!  Kidding, but it is highly insulting to anyone who works out to accuse them of being on steroids. At one gym my pal and I went to, the guy at the desk told us as we tried to join, “Hey fellas, no needle drop-offs here, if you get my drift”.  

6) How much do you bench press?

Try “You look great! I would love to know your routine.” Size is not everything and quality training will bring you more muscle than heavy weights.

7) Would you like to do the BMI test? Result: GOSH YOU’RE OBESE!

How many of us who have little body fat but have muscled up have heard that, and there is no budging them once you’re pigeonholed. One nurse pointed her pen at my arm muscle and said “fat”. Muscle weighs more than fat. Try and skip the BMI test unless your doctor or nurse looks like they work out.

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