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It’s our fastest growing political party.

With Britain’s mainstream political parties having failed to tackle gender inequality, with men outearning women by billions of pounds every year, the Women’s Equality Party was established to highlight and dismantle a political and economic architecture rigged against women and diversity.

It aims to put equality for women at the top of the national political agenda by being an electoral force that also works with other political parties.

This is the party’s first leadership election since its founding in March 2015. The party has since grown to more than 65,000 members and supporters, with 73 branches across the UK.

The Women’s Equality Party gave notice of its leadership election on Friday, which will run from 24 March until results are declared on 16 June 2017.

The ballot will open on Monday 22 May, and close at midnight on Monday 12 June.

Electoral Reform Services is administering the nomination process and ballot for this leadership election on behalf of the Women’s Equality Party.

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