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For many people in the trans community, TDOR is a day of heartache.

It’s a day for grieving and honouring our transgender family, friends, and peers whose lives were ended too soon by confounding violence and discrimination.

For many, it’s really important to join with community on Transgender Day of Remembrance – to feel solidarity in mourning, and to help lift each other up.

This year has been a particularly sobering year for the transgender community.

Alarmingly, violence against transgender people is rising each year. In 2015, a transgender person was murdered somewhere in the world every 3 days. This year, the murders of 23 transgender people have been reported in the US, making this the deadliest year on record. Almost all of the victims were people of colour, and the vast majority of those were black transgender individuals.

And with an rise in transphobic rhetoric from our politicians to the streets – there is a justifiable fear permeating the community.

That’s why now, more than ever before, it’s critical that we recognize TDOR and that we come together in support of our transgender brothers and sisters – to stand with them in solidarity, in love, and in the fight to win critically needed non-discrimination protections to help put an end to the violence.

We come together to denounce violence against the transgender community and to declare that we will remain a visible and viable part of society.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

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