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The great thing about sex is that there are endless possibilities to turn up the heat in the bedroom. And whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’re definitely going to want to get to grips with these top five sex tips for improving your sex life.

Come up with amazing ideas and channel them towards your fantasies. Include new ideas as you go along, and keep an open mind. Having said that, let’s look at five super-sexy things you may never have tried before but should consider giving a go. 

Try out different kinks

Kinks are anything that gets you turned on, and there are lots of them out there. You may like the feeling of latex hitting against your skin, or even getting spanked pretty hard, or putting on heels while having sex. You should consider trying out some kinks. 

Here are some other ideas. You can try using a tie or a real blindfold during sex. The feeling of your partner exploring your body and you not knowing how or when they are doing it is pretty amazing. Also, choking and gagging can be a lot of fun too. Just be sure there are boundaries beforehand.

Use water-based lubricants

When you get turned on, your vagina spontaneously lubricates itself. This, in turn, makes the sexual experience more exciting. However, at times, your body may produce less lubrication for sex due to hormonal changes. And if you’re going anal, self-lubrication just doesn’t happen.

Sex without lubrication can be painful and can harm the vaginal lining. This is when water-based lubricants come in handy. The best water-based lubricants enhance arousal and increase sexual excitement. This will make your vagina remain soft, and, above all, reduce friction while you are penetrated, either by your partner or a sex toy. 


If you see footjobs as a bit extreme for you, then how do you see getting a sensual foot massage? There are lots of nerve ends in the foot, and most ladies have orgasms from just foot rubs alone. This is to say, having a pedicure is about to be more fun. 

Also, you should consider getting a yoni massage. A Yoni massage involves massaging the vagina while at the same time fingering and touching it to have pretty amazing orgasms. 

Write an erotic story about your sex life

Try writing what you know, and what better way to try than to write about everything you know about your current sex life with your partner, with a dash of fantasy thrown in? Bring out a special night to surprise your partner with your written story, then sit back and watch them react and get turned on as they read it. You can simply read it to them or let them read it on their own to watch every reaction they make. Don’t be bothered about looking weird; they will be flattered. 

Try orgasm denial

One of the hottest and most exciting things you can do to improve your sex life is to suppress orgasm in a practice called orgasm denial. If you can successfully tease your partner for a week straight without giving in, try letting yourself be brought super-close to climax but not having an orgasm for a week. Meanwhile, not everyone can last up to a day, so good luck! 

Vaginal water-based lubricant is an amazing way to make sex with your partner or solo sex much more exciting. The increased wetness reduces friction and discomfort as it speeds up arousal. During sex, it’s okay to forget about foreplay if you and your partner want it badly. Sex is a joint experience, and everyone chooses their adventure. Just ensure you both are all in and that everything is consensual. 

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