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Richard Black could never have foreseen where his adoration for building entire towns out of Lego, at the age of six, would take him. Some years later he is an accomplished property developer, renovator, and interior designer. Richard has acquired significant assets in property both owned or rented.

However, his route to such skills and talent was not the conventional one.

Richard’s initial career was in broadcasting and started in Australia with a short stint working for Sky News Australia as a researcher in current affairs programming. On his return to the UK, he started work for ITV as a researcher and reporter for news and current affairs at regional level for ITV Anglia and ITV Central.

Always with a keen sense for a big or breaking story, despite the regional backdrop, Richard’s role placed him in a prime position for some of the UK’s highest profile news items at the time. From the story of Norfolk farmer Tony Martin shooting intruders in a remote farmhouse; through to the Soham Murders; Richard’s ability to research, interview and fact find the most elusive of stories or people makes him an investigative journalist to watch.

A move to presenting news and current affairs for BBC Radio, across eight counties in the east and southeast of England, confirmed Richard’s broadcasting skills and script writing.

Additionally, his voice over work is a welcome addition to radio and television.

A progression to BBC Television Centre followed, to produce and report for programming, including, BBC Breakfast for BBC One and the 24-hour rolling BBC News Channel. Richard was never far from the serious stories of the day ranging from issues as diverse as the European financial crisis to the death and funeral of Whitney Houston. There was always, however, a good sprinkling of light with the shade, two such examples being: when Richard found himself covering the annual launch of Strictly Come Dancing; as well as reporting on Bonnie Tyler representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Throughout a varied, challenging and, at the same time satisfying broadcasting career, Richard’s property interests were always a sideline, a ‘pension scheme’.

However, the scheme got bigger, as did the ambition, and in 2013 Richard left the BBC to study law, get married and renovate a 500-year-old listed cottage.

Now a qualified Solicitor, Richard Black is a safe pair of hands in a ‘live ’environment, very attuned to potential issues, be they of a practical or legal nature. He has become an accomplished and valuable presenter, reporter, contributor, and commentator on all aspects of the property development process and the UK property markets generally.

His skills, knowledge and talent are currently being particularly well represented in his fortnightly podcast “Home:Work” the UK’s brightest property podcast magazine which Richard produces and presents.

“Home:Work” is available from your chosen download platform or at

When it comes to property development Richard has turned some of the most unlikely opportunities into huge successes., using his vision, intuition, and superlative execution skills.

He has bought, sold, built, renovated, or rented out, almost twenty properties of differing ages, styles, and conditions, ranging from a 500-year-old listed heritage asset to a brand- new state of the art self-build home.

Richard’s eye for a development opportunity combined with a flair for style and first class standards of execution always ensure his investment is returned, his biggest achievement turning a derelict bungalow valued at £230,000 into a gated estate valued at £1.2million.

Richard is a long-term advocate and supporter of matters surrounding mental health issues in men having suffered depression for many years.

Richard Black lives on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, is married, and has two, very boisterous Beagles!

Watch Richard share a Cup of Tea with Steven here.

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