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As reported in OutNewsGlobal, YouTube sensations Rose and Rosie have decided to start a family and, true to form, have invited their legion of dedicated fans along for the ride.

Episode one of the girls’ new podcast, Parental Guidance, entitled Two Girls, One Egg, is at once a total hoot and surprisingly informative. Over the years I have written several serious articles about two-mum families but, annoyingly, Rose and Rosie managed to outline much of the process in a manner far more concise and entertaining than I have ever managed. 

Rose and Rosie are honest, engaging and seriously funny. As a fifty-something bloke I know I’m not exactly their target demographic but this first episode had me on the floor. The riffs on hot mums at the school gates and a lengthy discussion on the benefits of sampling your partner’s breast milk stand out for me but, in all honesty, the podcast’s 30 minute running time was over in a heartbeat. I can’t wait for the remaining eleven episodes.

Parental Guidance isn’t all fun and games. When the girls first made contact with some clinics, there was an assumption that this was a heterosexual fertility issue, highlighting a disappointing lack of awareness in some quarters of the fertility industry. Similarly, a brief but accurate description of the difference between IUI and IVF demonstrated that – however lighthearted they may sound on air – our hosts credit their audience with intelligence when others might be tempted to talk down to their listeners when dealing with matters of science.

As a parent myself, I know how annoying it is to be given advice you haven’t asked for but I would probably steer clear of asking their friend, a dog trainer, to employe the same techniques with their new baby. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

Rose and Rosie’s love and respect for one another shines through the laughs and the bantz and I have no doubt that Parental Guidance, much like everything else they touch, will be a roaring success.

Listen on Spotify here.

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