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Married comedy duo Rose and Rosie have amassed a huge following of over 3 million fans, due to their hilarious habit of oversharing, spilling the tea, and infectious chemistry. Fans have watched their whole relationship develop across their social channels, books and documentaries. 

Now, the pair are determined to start a family, and there are a whole host of mind-boggling decisions to make. In true Rose and Rosie style, every topic is met with a healthy obsession to interrogate choices at every angle – in one episode they even interview a potential sperm donor for suitability. 

The couple hope that Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance will help others in similar situations find access to more information, join in on the parenting debates, and know that they aren’t alone on this journey which is notorious for being an unpredictable emotional rollercoaster. 

Rosie explains, “When I was younger and before social media, I wouldn’t have known where I could see people who were out there leading normal lives being LGBTQIA+. We’ve never set out to be defined as a ‘gay couple’; we want our relationship to exist beyond a label or simply being put in a box. 

And that manifests itself through our fans: we have the nicest and kindest audience of people who we owe to bring on this next chapter with us, in the hope that we can continue to help in some way by sharing our journey.” 

Having their own children was never necessarily part of ‘the plan’: “I thought it sounded like a nightmare. We’ve heard the horror stories about giving birth!”, laughs Rosie. 

Here’s the duo’s YouTube announcement:

In classic Rose and Rosie style, the pair tackle the full gamut of impending parenthood in their own warm and inimitable style – finishing each other’s sentences, one-upping each other, and making in-jokes with lots of laugh-out-loud moments along the way.

The pair worry about turning into their own parents, Rose’s ‘control freakery’, and how they are destined to be very different disciplinarians as mothers. Rosie is already paving the way for avoiding potty training, having been traumatised by her own experiences with her younger brother.

The 12-part series, Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance is now available to listen to exclusively on Spotify HERE.

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