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A new educational LGBTQ+ webseries for kids is releasing its first full season of ten episodes.

Back in May, the US Curve magazine was introduced to creator and host Lindsay Amer and her co-host and best stuffed friend, Teddy through the pilot episode, What Does Gay Mean? Together, they defined ‘gay’ through a kid-friendly vlog-style conversation that was focused on love and family.

Season one comprises ten brand new episodes that tackle non-binary genders, queerness, marriage equality, feminism, and children’s pop culture.

“Queer Kid Stuff” aims to eliminate stigma by educating future generations through free and entertaining videos. The videos are recommended for children ages three to seven and free, printable activity sheets accompany each episode. The activity sheets emphasize the video’s lessons through activities that can be done at home, in the classroom, or wherever a box of crayons might be.

In the second video for the series, “What is Gender?”, Lindsay and Teddy discuss gender, including pronoun use.

Watch below:

New episodes are added every Wednesday, so don’t forget to subscribe on the YouTube channel!


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