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This documentary follows the underdog story of LA’s drag kings.

Now entering post-production, the full length feature documentary The Making Of A King has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign.

This documentary, directed by Nicole Miyahara, explores the relatively unknown subculture of drag kings in Los Angeles during the height of queen popularity. While drag queens are widely known and largely accepted, drag kings are still fighting for equality within their own drag community.

The Making Of A King highlights issues faced by drag kings including equal pay, equal access to show time, and respect in the greater LGBTQ community. This feature documentary also paints a broader and more inclusive picture of diverse identities and what it means to be a drag artist.

Through deeply honest interviews, the kings reveal the journey of expressing masculinity through performance, explore what it will take for drag kings to be a part of mainstream pop culture, and share how their experiences with drag positively affect their daily lives.

The filmmaker’s goal is to raise $40,000 to hire a post-production team that includes an experienced editor, composer, sound engineer and colorist.

Visit the Official Website for The Making Of A King.

Check out the crowd funding video for The Making Of A King below!


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