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Leading household brand Fairy publishes the FAIR report looking at the perceptions of parents towards LGBTQ+ equality, alongside rebranding the iconic Fairy bottle to “Fair” 

Newly released short film Out of the Shadows chronicles P&G’s journey of LGBTQ+ inclusion 

Company launches additional paid paternity leave policy to develop more engaged employees, enable happier families and help create a better society 

This month, Procter & Gamble (P&G), the company behind household brands such as Fairy, Ariel, Gillette and Pantene, is harnessing the power of global reach to launch a series of initiatives in celebration of Pride month, and in advocacy for a continued drive for Diversity and Inclusion. This includes the launch of a report from Fairy into LGBTQ+ equality, the release of a short film Out of the Shadows recognising the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and the implementation of a new P&G additional paid paternity leave policy which makes child caregiving unbiased based on gender and sexual orientation. 

Watch the inspiring Out of the Shadows right here:

Challenging social norms using the power of its brands 

As one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, reaching 5 billion people every day, P&G has a critical role in using its brands voice as a force for good, influencing how we see the world and changing mindsets. This month one of P&G’s heritage brands, Fairy, is building on P&G’s legacy of supporting and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, to challenge social norms and inspire equality with the launch of The Fair Report. 

Fairy, one of P&G’s most recognisable brands

Findings uncovered by the report reveal the attitudes and perceptions of British parents today towards LGBTQ+ equality. While things have come a long way in Britain over the past 70 years, there is still a long way to go for all families to enjoy equality. Key findings include: 

Less than a third (30%) of British parents surveyed said they think families with LGBTQ+ members are fairly treated in 2019 

Over a quarter (27%) of British parents say they agree that it is fair to treat people differently because of who they love or who loves them 

Over a third (32%) of British parents say, within their family, they find it difficult to find the right moment to talk about sensitive issues 

In response to the report, P&G and its brands are advancing the drive towards LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace and society. 

Creating a workplace fit for a generation 

Out of the Shadows, has been released ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and in celebration of Pride month. The film is a sequel to the Award-winning “The Words Matter” and credits courageous employees who rallied against intolerance to receive equal employee benefits, overcoming adversity during the tumultuous 1990s and early 2000s. It is a result of P&G’s commitment to sharing its own internal journey for LGBTQ+ inclusion. 

Harnessing the power of business to rewrite gender stereotypes for good 

With equality, diversity and inclusion built into the DNA of the business, and by leading the way in both policy and practice, P&G aims to positively impact society as a whole. As such a new additional paid paternity leave policy will come into effect on July 1, making child caregiving unbiased based on gender and sexual orientation. The policy sees up to 8 weeks paid leave, within 18 months from child birth or adoption, offered to new fathers and parents in same sex couples – continuing P&G’s journey towards inclusion and equality for all. More than just an employment practice, this initiative is a milestone cultural advancement. It aims to remove gender bias from child caregiving by offering equal opportunities to both parents from day one. 

Rebranding a family favourite to spark dialogue between families 

As part of its mission to help make life fairer for every family in the UK – including those with LGBTQ+ members – P&G brand Fairy will lose its ‘Y’ and launch a limited-edition FAIR bottle in support of charity, akt. In partnership with English Singer and LGBTQ+ advocate Duncan James, Fairy has created ‘The Fairy FAIR film’ encouraging families to find a moment to talk openly and positively about LGBTQ+ issues and are a step towards shifting perceptions and driving equality for all family members. Here’s the film:

Brent Miller, P&G Associate Director, Communications, and Executive Producer of Out of the Shadows said of the initiatives this Pride, “We are passionate about changing outdated perceptions that give rise to a lack of diversity and inclusion. We created Out of the Shadows in order for us to transparently share our journey, because it reflects what happened at so many other companies and can hopefully inspire a new generation to continue to build more diverse companies and communities.” 

“The same can be said for our new additional paid paternity leave policy. Share The Care reflects our aspiration to build a world where everyone sees equal and stems from our wider flex@work business strategy, which recognizes the importance of work-life integration for our employees based on their life stage needs. We are committed to making diversity and inclusion fundamental to all areas of our business”, continued Miller. 


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