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I love the summer. It’s my favourite season. What’s more, I don’t trust people who claim to prefer one of the other, less fun seasons. Freaks. I feel the same about people who say they prefer expensive, cocoa-heavy dark chocolate to Dairy Milk or, worse, people who claim to “love olives”. And don’t get me started on people who declare even a passing affection for Bombay Mix.

One of the best things about summer is not having to wear a lot of clothes. Even as I write, I’m leaning back on my chaise-longue with nothing but a laptop to cover my modesty while a couple of my minions rub warm oils from exotic lands into my taut, tanned, toned flesh. It’s a wonder I get any work done at all.

A typical day at the coal face

Once I’ve completed a gruelling day’s work at OutNews Global HQ I’m served my lunch of oysters and champagne, and then it’s off to the pub. But it’s this trip outdoors that throws up one of the thorniest dilemmas facing the modern gentleman about town.

I have stuff to carry: phone, headphones, vape accoutrements, wallet, condoms (best before November 1994), sunglasses and so on. I don’t want to wear a jacket purely to make use of the pockets and I’ve been down the manbag route but can’t seem to carry it off without looking like Liberace’s slightly camper cousin. Did someone say canvas bumbags? STFU.

Anyway, I can get away with phone in hand and card/cash plus vape in pocket, but what to do with my stylish sunglasses? Back pocket – out of the question. Front pockets – already allocated. On forehead – I dunno, it pulls the arms out of shape and looks a bit noncey.

So you can only imagine how my life was changed when my colleague Steven Smith recommended Le Kevin. Unlike yours truly, Steven is at the cutting edge of what’s hot and what’s not, so I bought one.

Steven Smith – style guru

Weird name – great accessory, and sooooo simple. A hand-made, leather-covered ring which you wear around your neck and where you put your glasses when you’re not using them. I use them for shades, others for reading glasses. It’s not only convenient, you actually know where your glasses are at all times – even when you’re three sheets to the wind and playing poker in a seedy, smoke-filled basement after-hours dive bar in one of the less salubrious environs of the metropolis. This means that you don’t go around losing your specs all the time like a colleague of mine who must go through at least five pairs of reading glasses per month.

And here’s the thing: Le Kevin isn’t one of those products sent to me by a PR company in the hope of a review. We don’t really do that, although we are prepared to compromise our journalistic principles if the freebie in question is especially extravagant (are you listening Cunard/Bentley/De Beers?). I bought one and, after about a zillion people had asked me about it – “ooh, that’s great, where did you get it? – I thought I’d spread the love even further.




Visit the Le Kevin website here.

Watch the promo video:


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