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There are lots of UK creative agencies with a social purpose but only one that is a non-profit. Liberally is a diverse creative talent & content agency and media platform, amplifying minority voices to create space to belong. Liberally is a truly mission-driven social enterprise, with profits reinvested back into championing creative talent from marginalised communities. 

Liberally Talent – a talent board of eight handpicked diverse creatives – and the wider Liberally Creative Community launch today. Liberally only works with brands that are explicitly committed to true diversity, equality and belonging. It enforces strong welfare clauses for Liberally talent in contracts and doesn’t negotiate its creatives’ rates or take commission from their booking fees. Instead, Liberally creatives are charged out at a non-negotiable, industry-standard fee with a transparent 20% commission on top to the client.

Desperate need.

Across the media, culture & politics there is an equality, diversity, inclusion & belonging problem. For women, Black, Asian and other ethnic and indigenous communities, LGBTQ+, the disabled & those facing ageism, there is not enough space. Liberally was created at the beginning of the pandemic when founder Daisy Rogers – a queer, neurodivergent fine artist, writer and creative director – realised that there was a desperate need for minoritised voices to be seen and heard.

Daisy Rogers, commented, “This might seem like semantics but it isn’t. Protecting the worth of our creatives is paramount and, particularly for communities that have been historically exploited and discriminated against, there is important symbolism here. We create a safe space for our creatives, building strong partnerships to develop their careers through trust and a shared drive for social change. 

“We also believe in transparent business. So not only does this way of working give our creatives confidence and comfort but it allows our clients to know they are being charged at a reasonable rate. As our profits are reinvested into our mission by law, clients also get to directly support minoritised communities, whilst reaping the benefits of speaking to diverse audiences better.”

Black lives matter.

“You cannot be what you cannot see. As the media narrative narrowed during the pandemic, and in the midst of Black Lives Matter protests globally and a rise in domestic violence against women plus violence against the trans community, it was clear a new approach was needed. I wanted to create space for creative voices to tell their stories without getting lost in translation. To express their narratives and see themselves in the stories being told. 

“Storytellers are healers and unifiers. Storytelling has a unique power to re-humanise and connect people – something we desperately need right now in order to create meaningful, long-lasting social change. It starts with authentic representation, equality and visibility through accessible spaces.” (Daisy Rogers, Liberally founder).

Meet the talent board here:

Watch Rob Harkavy’s October 2020 interview with Liberally founder Daisy Rogers here.

Visit Liberally here.

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