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LGBTQ+ book lovers will be thrilled to learn of the launch of, a new, online bookshop which already offers over 700 queer titles. This is great news for anyone looking for LGBTQ+ content, a category of literature which is notoriously poorly served on the high street.

As well as simply selling books, Queer Lit has created a community space where real readers and bloggers can discuss and review the latest books, listen to Queer podcasts, discover hot topics, engage with Queer authors, and up-and-coming aspiring writers.  We’re even helping LGBTQ+ book bloggers create even more exciting content with pre-launch books and arranging interviews with authors.

Queer Lit is the brainchild of Managing Director Matthew Cornford, whose previous experience includes 15 years in retail. Cornford commented, “Like many people I love a good book and wanted to discover more Queer Literature.”

Matthew Cornford

He continues, “After heading into a store in Manchester describing itself as ‘the biggest book shop in the north’ I was shocked to be told ‘We don’t have an LGBTQ+ section. You’ll need to go home and search the internet for gay books then come and find it in its relevant category’.”

“This just wouldn’t do… and the idea for Queer Lit was born.

“I didn’t want to just create an online bookstore. I wanted to create an immersive experience with everything Queer Lit.

“Even living in Manchester which has a vibrant gay community sadly there are still people who feel they cannot be open about who they are, or some are still on that journey of discovery, so I wanted to create a welcoming space where people can not only read about issues and characters that reflect their lives and experiences, but discuss it, and be inspired.”

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