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It takes a brave and confident artist to knock out a Beyonce cover but, with her power-disco take on “Why Don’t You Love Me?”, former X-Factor finalist Melanie Masson has produced a Northern Soul infused, no-holds-barred celebration of womanhood in all its forms.

Music aside, it’s wonderful to watch a video featuring dozens of “real” women rather than the twerking soft porn which so many performers feel they have to produce in order to get noticed.

Melanie Masson is one of the most versatile performers around today. Not only has she performed alongside P!nk and Stereophonics, her turn as the eponymous lead in the Rise and Fall of Little Voice in London’s West End was received with universal acclaim. 

Masson’s voice is a powerhouse of an instrument, suffused not only with passion and soul but also with nuance and emotion, reflecting the track’s message of Woman Power. She commented, “My message is Woman Power for all women, regardless of age, size, ethnicity, sexuality, etc and my video to reflect this. 

“It’s something I feel passionate about and want to inspire other women. Upwards of 35, women talk about feeling invisible, irrelevant and I want to show that’s not the case and redefine the perception of age.”

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