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Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, 13th September 2023

When trawling gig listing sites, the word “lesbian” really caught my eye – especially as I have barely graduated from Baby Dyke status and had only just learnt what this term means! Anyway, a band called Lesbian Bed Death; curiosity had me searching for their music. Gigs are my life and I love rock and metal bands. I liked what I found, and decided to come to their Glasgow gig. I was not disappointed at all! Here’s what I thought of the show.


When I arrived at Ivory Blacks, the support band Gothzilla, were already midway through their set but I felt I’d missed out by arriving late.

This Edinburgh-based duo are reminiscent of 90s/early 2000s nu metal with a healthy dose of electronic/synth. However, despite the fact this band is made up of 2 musicians, they do certainly pack a punch! Not least because the singer looks so incredibly happy to be onstage, and gave his all despite the sparse crowd. 

Lesbian Bed Death with their enthusiastic audience

After a quick change over, Lesbian Bed Death took to the stage and opened with The Antichrist and were met with much enthusiasm from the crowd, which had swelled by then thankfully. LBD’s set featured a great mix of older and newer tunes, and we were even treated to some new singles as well as a few tracks from the as yet unreleased album, Midnight Lust. We were told by singer JJ to expect this to be released some time later this autumn – I certainly am looking forward to this!

Stand out tunes were The Mummy’s Tomb, Satanic Suicide Sex Cult, Breakfast at Tisiphone’s, and final track pre enchore, I Use My Powers for Evil. They finished with two absolute bangers and left us lusting for more. First up was Halloween, then Pretty But Mental. After a swift exit from the stage, the band were then happy to chat to the fans after, which is always awesome. What a gig!

Drummer, Aimee stole the show

As a band, all four members also looked like they were loving being onstage, none more so than the hardest working member of the band (in my humble opinion) – drummer Aimee is a machine behind the kit. I loved to see them really throwing themselves into it the way she does! I also discovered they have not been playing together long, but you can’t tell as they seem to gel so well together. I eagerly await their new release and will definitely be coming to see Lesbian Bed Death the next chance I get – definitely not one to be missed for any hard rock/metal fans of the LGBT community! Cheers, Queers!

For tour dates and info on Lesbian Bed Death, CLICK HERE or follow them on Instagram.

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