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Back in the summer Out News Global ‘s chief correspondent, Steven Smith predicted that Jordan Conway who played the title role of Chaplin in “Laurel & Chaplin – the feud, would be a global star.  Now starring as Peter Pan himself in this winters sell-out U.K tour of Peter Pan along with pop icon Boy George, Hollywood has come a knocking.  

Steven Smith has a coffee with 25-year-old Jordan and tries hard not flirt.

Steven: How are you?  What was your childhood fantasy?

Steven !!! what a question, oh I get you. To be honest I was kind of insular and gravitated towards grown-ups as a child. Building Lego sets and creating was my passion. From the age of eight, “Stop animation” and “Good Fellas” by Martin Scorsese was my favourite film.

Did you always want to perform? What was your earliest memory of acting?

Really, I cannot remember not performing. My earliest stage performance was with Nigel Havers, funnily enough in Peter Pan. I was on the stage in bed with him and I had to hit him with a pillow. It was intimidating as I was not sure how hard to hit. He was so nice and said “GO FOR IT “on opening night I really did. 

Jordan Conway did a skydive in preparation for flying as Peter Pan

You have just done a sky dive, what inspired you to do this?

Oh, Steve honestly, I have always dreamed of flying when it came to promoting Peter Pan. I thought why not get dressed in my panto outfit, and make the jump. It is the closest thing to taking to the sky, even though I was honestly scared. It was just amazing.

Alhough dressing in my thin green stage outfit may not have been with wisest idea. As you jump out the plane you feel the full effect of the elements, add that to the fact it was heavily raining. It felt like I was being pelted by stones inside a tumble dryer. 

It was tandem jump and really despite still having some tiny bruises from the rain, it was a lifetime experience. I really cannot wait to fly on stage.

Landing after his skydive

What was working with Michael Barrymore like?

I said on opening night of Laurel and Chaplin that he was like a second dad. He gave me some great acting advice, He said not to overthink things, and about how to breathe on stage. He has a mind very much like mine and we just gelled right away.  The other week we bumped into one another in Amsterdam, just walking along the street. It was very random.

You are about to work with the legendary Boy George. Are you looking forward to it?

George is adorable, so professional and nice. I know that he had a reputation back in the day but I speak as I find, and honestly, he has gone out of his way to be kind to me. I had to pinch myself, I was having lunch with him in Beverly Hills, at the actual hotel where they filmed Pretty woman, the Beverly Wilshire.  They even do pretty women experiences there – click here for more info.  

Who would you like to work with next? 

Do not laugh but I would love to work with Mike Tyson. He has had such an incredible life journey. I also would have liked to have had the chance to work with the “Chuckle brothers “and Paul Walker.

What training are you doing for Peter Pan?

 I went Budapest and trained with the flying circus. There was an amazing woman who taught me alot called Tundi. I loved Budapest.

Jordan Conway, aka Peter Pan himself.

Do you often fall in love?

Often makes it sound like I quickly go from one to another Steven. If you said you’re in love, you don’t just stop being in love.  I am an emotional person. There Is a quote “Too many highs, too many lows but those emotions allow personality to grow”.

What is your perfect day out?

Gym, walks, seeing friends, dinner and a nice jazz club in the evening,

What does 2024 have in store for you?

Well, I have a tour of Elf after Peter Pan plus there is talk of taking Laurel and Chaplin to the USA There is a movie role, but I am not allowed to talk about it yet. Plus, I plan to move to L.A next year.

Quick fire round 

Chinese or Japanese food?

Japanese please.

The one thing that would put you off a person?

Someone with bad toilet etiquette. Like peeing on the toilet seat 

and not cleaning it up.

Where would you take a date to in London?

I’d take them on a speed boat down the Thames followed by dinner or lunch at the Hard Rock cafe.

What would you change if you were mayor of London for a day?

Free travel day for everyone once a year. 

If you really had wings where would you fly to?

The Galápagos Islands

Thank-you Jordan.

For venue details and tickets for Peter Pan’s UK tour, CLICK HERE.

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