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LuxDeco, the luxury online interior marketplace has undertaken a fascinating 15 year study monitoring the most popular design styles around the UK. 

Not only do trends vary from city to city but there is also a difference between the north and south of the country with the north favouring a more industrial style and the south adopting vintage, Victorian or traditional styles.

Using Google Trends data, Luxdeco observed that Traditional came out top, closely followed by Victorian. Less popular are the more distinct styles of Art-Deco, Coastal and Scandinavian.

Linda Holmes, Interiors Designer at LuxDeco Studio said: “When it comes to interior design, it’s understandable why Traditional claims the top spot, although the newer name to describe this style we would call classic contemporary. This style is timeless, flexible, homely and can be mixed with other interior design styles without becoming too confused or overwhelming.”

Top interior design styles by area:

Helpfully, LuxDeco have shared some popular interior design mistakes that should be avoided when decorating and dressing your home:

1Copper metal/rose gold – anything copper will date faster than classic metals. Where possible, opt for antique brass, bronze or nickel.

2Bold colours – go for colour on trimmings that you can change seasonally like cushions, throws & artwork.

3Floral/accent wallpaper – anything bold is likely to date fast. If you’re tempted by this latest trend but nervous about taking the plunge, try incorporating it through artwork instead. That way you bring in trends but also make it easy to change should you go off it.

4Unnatural wood colours – woods with unnatural and obvious treatments aren’t timeless and may date a lot quicker than natural woods like oak or pine.

5. Shiny metals – while the industrial style is going strong, where possible, opt for warm, sheen-free metals with more of a matte finish rather than shiny metals.

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