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As previously reported in OutNewsGlobal, the BBC’s Saturday night glitterfest is to feature its first ever same-sex couple when lesbian boxer Nicola Adams will partner one of the show’s female pros. 

Even those of us who love Strictly more than we love our children can’t help but find the opening show, where the celebrities’ professional partners are revealed, quite excruciating, chiefly because of the paroxysms of orgasmic joy which greet the announcement of each pairing. 

But the Nicola Adams / A.N. Other coupling adds an exciting new dimension to the competition: which female pro will be stepping up to the plate to make ballroom history?

Much depends on whether Nicola will be leading – ie performing the traditional men’s steps – throughout the series or whether the partnership will be mixing up the lead and follow roles depending on the dance. Let’s assume the latter.

We’ll be reviewing every show under the totally non-partisan title “NicolaWatch” but, until then, who will be taking to the floor with our Nicola? 


The current British Latin American champion and last year’s runner up could certainly do a job and, while it’s dangerous to underestimate the strength of a ballroom dancer, even at two inches taller than Nicola we have our doubts about whether she would be able to lift the boxer. If Nicola were to take the leading role for every dance, it could work but, if not, we just can’t see them together.


At 5’5”, the flame-haired Aussie has the height, build and bubbly personality to make an ideal match and we have a feeling that they’d get on very well (not to the extent of invoking the famous curse of Strictly, we hasten to add). A distinct possibility.


Strictly’s longest serving female professional, the 4’10” pocket rocket Janette would make a fantastic partner for Nicola if, as with Amy, they were to stick to the traditional lead and follow roles. With her fitness and strength, the 5’5” Nicola would have no trouble mastering even the most challenging lifts.


With her natural strength and muscle definition to die for, we reckon that Karen and Nicola could be the perfect fit. They’re both 5’5” tall and Karen’s chiselled, androgynous looks could make an Adams/Hauer pairing the stuff of fantasy.


Part of the Strictly family since 2016, Luba featured as a pro partner for the first time in 2019 when she was paired with gallumping no-hoper James Cracknell. This makes her something of an unknown quantity but we can’t see a partnership with Nicola working. 


Twice a world champion, blonde bombshell Nadiya would certainly form a devilishly dishy partnership with Nicola but, at at least four inches taller, may not be as compatible as some of the other pros. Let’s not rule her out, but definitely an outside bet.


Nancy didn’t join the Strictly family until last year where she was one of the pros who featured in the group dances but didn’t have a celebrity partner. We doubt very much that the Beeb will allocate her a same sex partner for her debut pairing.


One of the show’s most popular pros, Oti’s energy, exuberance and physicality would complement Nicola to a tee. We don’t know why this should be the case (it shouldn’t) but we have a feeling that the powers that be won’t pair two women of colour together. 

OutNewsGlobal will be reviewing every episode of Strictly 2020. See you then!

Big thanks to ballroom expert Jane Czapa for her invaluable input in the compilation of this article.

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