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Aberdeen is a beautiful city and is becoming increasingly popular for tourists. As the third-largest city in Scotland, Aberdeen is home to a wide range of historical landmarks, fun activities and experiences to try. It can be the ideal place to visit as a solo traveller, as the city is welcoming and friendly to newcomers. 

If you’re planning the perfect night in Aberdeen, there are a few things that should definitely be on your itinerary. Here are some of our top choices to spend an evening in Aberdeen. 

Take in the street art

There is a lot of street art in Aberdeen. You will find it on the sides of houses, office buildings, walls and more. There is no better way to enjoy the atmosphere and experience of Aberdeen culture than taking a night time tour of some of the most beautiful street art in the UK.  

Choose the best hotel

The place you stay in Aberdeen will make all the difference to your experience. There are plenty of options for places to stay, including short term lets, hotels and hostels. The place you choose will largely depend on your budget, with hostels being the most affordable. These can also be a great choice if you want to make some friends during your trip. You could also consider some of the fancier boutique hotels in Aberdeen if you want to experience some luxury on your trip.  

Appreciate the beautiful architecture

Taking a walk down the Granite Mile can be a great way to enjoy an evening out in Aberdeen. Union Street was built in the 1800s to take the pressure off the narrow Aberdeen streets. This is also where you’ll find some of the best shopping in Aberdeen, ranging from high street brands to artsy boutiques.  

Try haggis

Haggis is a classic staple of Scottish food. Aberdeen offers some of the finest fare for haggis in all of Scotland. While it may sound like an odd dish to the uninformed, this classic dish needs to be tasted to be believed. Consider checking out some of the top-rated restaurants in Aberdeen to find the perfect haggis experience. It may help to ask a local for their recommendation.  

Make new friends

Part of the joy of travelling is making new friends and connections. The people of Aberdeen are friendly and always happy to lend a helping hand. You could consider visiting some of the local bars and cafes and getting to know the regulars. You could even find a date for the evening to add a bit of excitement to your trip. There are plenty of beautiful Aberdeen Escorts that could be the perfect way to spice up your evening.  

Head for the beach

Visiting the beach is a must for any trip to Aberdeen. Seeing it at night can be a truly magical experience. You should ensure that you stay safe when visiting the beach at night and be aware of the tides. Taking a midnight stroll along the coast, lit by the moon and in view of Aberdeen at night, can be the perfect way to end a magical night.  

Visit the first Brewdog

BrewDog is a popular UK bar, and it has its origins in Aberdeen. The original bar is located on Castlegate near Marischal Square. They have a wide range of beers to suit any taste, including non-alcoholic beverages for those who aren’t fans of beer.  

Take in the sights

There are plenty of beautiful sights to be seen in Aberdeen. Exploring the city at night can be the perfect experience. You should ensure you visit the local castles, though some may be better and safer viewed in the daylight hours.  

Drink whisky

Scotland is famous for its whisky. There are plenty of options in Aberdeen for a whisky lover. Even if whisky isn’t your drink of choice, it is an important part of the Scottish experience. If you want to avoid the booze, there are many options for low or no alcohol beverages.  

Watch a film

Aberdeen is home to one of the most famous and long-running cinemas in the UK. The first film was played in the Belmont Filmhouse in 1898 and has been going strong for years since. You could visit to see a cult classic or something new. Ensure that you find out in advance what will be playing during your visit. 

And finally

Aberdeen is a wonderful city for a solo traveller to visit. There is so much to do and see, and you will be sure to find experiences that will blow you away. You should do your research before setting off and ensure you find the right place to stay. Connecting with locals can be the best way to ensure you get the full Aberdeen experience and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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