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Gender capitalist, firefighter and Gay Times and Diva magazine cover model, Rain Dove got applause and a telling off on Loose Women today!

They drew applause from the audience, saying: “This is definitely a huge step and I hope it sends a message that you can be exactly who you wanna be.”

They explained to Coleen Nolan and Nadia Sawahla: “A gender capitalist is someone who recognises that there are certain advantages and disadvantages to being a particular gender.”

I have a lot of good to offer this world and I’m not going to stand in line and take less because of what’s between my legs.”

Viewers tweeted their thoughts. Nicer Dicer posted her support: “We need more people like Rain Dove. Brave and taboo breaker. GO BABES.”

Sara Mason wasn’t convinced though and tweeted: “You don’t pick and choose your gender. It’s not a pair of socks for heaven’s sake.”

Darren Haywood wrote: “Rain Dove is a very well spoken guest and good luck to their choice but gender is not “over””.

When asked for an example of how they choose which gender to be each day they said: “If I want to go out to a club and save money I would maybe be a woman – there’s no cover charge, no drinks but when I leave the club I would be male because it’s safer.”

Janet Street-Porter cheekily asked: “Can you switch halfway through the evening?”

Rain jokingly replied “It’s all about the jacket.”

Janet pushed on though: “Don’t you worry the fashion world will turn its back on you because designers are fickle and this won’t be in fashion forever?”

But Rain answered: “I think that’s the goal to change it from a moment to a movement.”

The audience were asked to send their own questions and they took the opportunity. One wanted to know if Rain got offended by people making mistakes about which gender they are. Rain said “I don’t get offended by people making mistakes, I get offended when people go out of their way.”

The show always likes a bit of titillation and Rain’s interview was no different, with Nadia asking about their sex life.

Rain said: “I know I prefer specific types of genitalia because I can navigate them a bit better…but I might end up with someone I love who identifies as no particular gender and who might change and why would I want to limit myself and deny myself love?”

Rain did cause controversy at the end of the interview though when they said during an answer to one question: “I get shit”. The show presenters laughed it off but instantly said they were sorry and had to go to a break.

That’s live TV folks! Well done Rain.

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