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Summer holidays have changed so it’s time to think about alternative ways of spending time with our beloved friends. One of the best ways to spend your holiday with practically anyone is by organising a road trip. 

Why are road trips amazing? We get the chance to kill several birds with one stone: seeing more places and finding out what they have to offer. If you’re up for a gaycation, perhaps it’s time to consider a gay road trip. If you’re not going to opt for this during 2020, when will you? To make this endeavour slightly easier, we have come up with five essential tips for planning your gay road trip:

Think carefully about your destination

Road trips differ in the sense that you’re not supposed to come up with one destination where you will spend a week or two, but decide on several different stops. One way to approach this destination dilemma is to choose the primary destination where you will spend three or four days, preferably in the middle of your road trip.

This can be a well-known LGBTQ+ friendly city, so New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles in you’re in America or, if you’re in Australia, you should have Sydney or Melbourne as the main destinations.

Check your car

If you’re hiring a car the rental company should have run all the necessary checks for you, but make sure that you have a working spare plus extra coolant, oil and windscreen washer fluid.

If you’re taking your own car, ensure that you have good 4WD tyres that will make your trip much more comfortable and give you the option of driving across different terrains. Moreover, make sure that someone takes a look at your car and checks if your fluid levels are alright. Mind that this is one of the most important steps of planning a road trip.

You should also check local regulations: France, for example, insists that all sorts of equipment is carried, so don’t fall of the law…it could ruin your trip and cost you money.

Who’s coming?

Another crucial step to think about is who you will be taking on the road trip with you. Bear in mind that you will be spending several days together, in the car and hotels, so it would be best to go with your best friends or people whose company you really like. Avoid anyone negative; you do not need this on your road trip. Road trips, impressive as they are, can also be quite frustrating, so it’s best to have people who are problem solvers, not problem creators. 

Bring your best clothes

No road trip is complete without some cool threads, not least so you can always look your fabulous best on Instagram. Plus, you don’t want to be refused entry to the swankiest venue in town because you look like a hobo.

Pack what you want

One of the perks of travelling by car is that you can bring whatever you want (within the bounds of the law). So go ahead, take your paper and pen and write down everything you want to take.

Don’t forget your documents (never ever leave them in the car unattended as well as chargers, power adapters and so on.

This year has been a bummer but that doesn’t mean that your holiday should be as well. If you organise everything in the best way, and bring the best people with you, you will certainly have the time of your life.

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