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Many of us in the LGBTQ+ community are no strangers to a littler bit of cosmetic help now and again to enhance our natural charms. How else do you think our Editor Rob Harkavy and our Chief Correspondent Steven Smith, both well into middle age, both have the forehead of a 15 year old schoolgirl. 

And with Instagram influencers all sporting the “perfect look”, many people would try anything to look like their idols, however vacuous these “idols’ may be, even if it means spaffing shed loads of cash on cosmetic procedures. 

Recently though, as a number of celebrities have decided to reverse their cosmetic fillers and dentistry, it’s had many of us wondering if the natural look is back in fashion… 

These are just some of the celebs going au naturel:

Molly-Mae Hague.

Molly is most well known for her stint in the famous ITV show ‘Love Island’ when she fell in love with her current boyfriend Tommy Fury. Since the age of 17 Molly has been injecting her lips with filler for the more plump look. 17…crikey! However, in October, Molly took the decision to get her filler dissolved to look more natural. 

In her recent vlog on her YouTube channel she told her fans how she has also had her composite bonding removed so she can take better care of her natural teeth. 

Kylie Jenner.

Part of the world famous Kardashian clan who originally hit the big time because sister Kim made a sex tape, Kylie is best known for her full lips, achieved – of course – by injecting filler. She took to instagram in 2018 to tell her fans that she had her lip filler dissolved. 

Gemma Collins.

Gemma Collins, who has made her name from starring in The Only Way Is Essex, is now reportedly worth a huge £2.7 million proving, if proof were necessary, that there probably isn’t a God. Gemma has never been shy in saying that she has had a number of cosmetic procedures including Botox and filler. The thought of her young female fans taking such drastic action prompted Gemma to take the decision to reverse both her lip filler and Botox. 

We decided to speak to an expert. Waleed Taleb from the Vera Clinic told us: “any cosmetic procedure should be something that has been fully thought through and discussed with someone you trust. As much as fillers and other cosmetic procedures can be reversed and dissolved this shouldn’t be something to be relied on.”

We concur! There’s nothing wrong with the occasional tweak here and there but, when it comes to cosmetic procedures, it’s usually the case that less is more.

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