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Julianne Moore says ‘everyone should have the right to have a family.’

The Maggie’s Plan actress threw her support behind efforts to give same-sex couples in Italy the right to raise families on Monday.

Moore learned that the Italian government is currently fighting over a same-sex civil unions bill. One clause allows gay couples to adopt a child if one of the partners was a biological parent. She was asked a question by an Italian reporter whether it was right for same-sex couples to raise a child together.

“Everyone having a family is a matter of human rights. Every individual should have the right to have a family,” she answered, at the Maggie’s Plan press conference during the Berlin Film Festival.

Moore appeared in Berlin with co-star Greta Gerwig to promote Rebecca Miller’s the film, a love-triangle comedy also starring Ethan Hawke.

Gerwig agreed saying, “I believe that every individual should have this right,’ she said. ‘I have a brother and sister who I’m not biologically related to, I feel lucky.”







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