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Zodiac Bar which, up until now, has squatted in various London venues, is set to move into a permanent home close to Camden Town later this year. The new Zodiac Bar is currently undergoing extensive renovations to its Grade II listed building which sits a five minute walk from Euston, Warren Street and Mornington Crescent tube stations.

Zodiac boss, Jade Phoenix Hoskins, is a Chinese/Filipino trans woman and the first transgender person to own an LGBTQ+ venue in the UK. She started Zodiac in early 2020 in a small, little-known north London venue and soon caught the eye of potential investors. Sadly, as is so often the case in the world of LGBTQ+ business, these investors were seeking to cash in on the “pink pound” with little or no regard for the community.

Jade commented, “I started Zodiac in an unknown, struggling bar in the middle of a global pandemic against everyone’s advice. During the last year we faced deception and broken promises from potential partners that were simply looking to cash in on the LGBTQ+ community.

“After ending these relationships, we were able to raise the investment to secure our own venue and I am now very proud to say that every shareholder in Zodiac is a member of the Queer community.

“I want to thank everyone that has supported me and Zodiac since we started and [want to] let you know that my mission has always been to create the most inclusive and welcoming LGBTQ+ venue in London. I want everyone to feel like this is home and I can’t wait to see you there.”

Visit Zodiac Bar’s website.

Watch Rob Harkavy’s 2020 interview with Jade here.

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