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From Seattle to San Francisco, Chicago to Houston and many points in between, US pride events have voiced their support for women following the US Supreme Court’s decision to rescind the constitutional right to abortion. Many were responding to reports that the decision may lead to the removal of rights directly affecting LGBTQ+ people, including equal marriage and even the right to same-sex intimacy, but all expressed their outrage at what even Boris Johnson who, breaking with the custom that foreign leaders do not comment on the internal politics of another country, called “ a big step backwards”. Watch here on the Evening Standard’s YouTube channel:

We won’t back down

In New York City, crowds erupted as representatives of US abortion rights group Planned Parenthood joined the parade, shouting “We won’t back down” in response to a call over the public address system. Across the country in San Francisco, chants of “Get your laws off our bodies” resonated through the city streets, with high-school student, Maya Reddick, holding up a sign that read “reproductive rights are human rights” telling Reuters, “It feels like there’s a cloud over everybody who has a uterus.” 

Rainbow flags vied with pro-choice banners in the North Carolina sunshine during Saturday’s Raleigh Pride, as was the case in Houston, Texas, which is already limiting the freedoms of its LGBTQ+ citizens and where Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, has labelled gender-affirming care for children as “child abuse”. 


Tempers flared in Providence, Rhode Island, where an off-duty police officer was accused of punching a pro-choice women in the face.

Krystal Marx, executive director of Seattle Pride, said “This march is going to have more of a serious tone than celebratory, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.

“The anti-abortion playbook and the anti-LGBTQ playbook are one and the same,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, chief executive of advocacy group GLAAD, in a statement.

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