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The gift of growing old is a factor of life that no person can avoid. We are all destined to one day become a member of the elderly population and no matter how much we try to prolong the stages of ageing, there is simply no way of stopping it. We choose to live a healthy life by eating nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and avoid as best we can the health-damaging temptations that we know will speed up the aging process and have disastrous effects on our bodies, yet it is still never enough.

The signs of ageing appear in the way we look, the wrinkles that define the joyful and sad moments we have endured during our lifetime. It also presents itself in our physical abilities,  times we could once run a marathon, now seem like a distant memory and we now find it difficult to take just a few steps. Growing old is the inevitable gift of life that takes away certain abilities and our independence.

With Age Comes Dependence.

When a person becomes older, they must learn to depend on the younger generation to provide them with that much-needed care as those once simple activities have now become a struggle they are unable to contend with. When the time comes and our beloved relatives become elderly, we wish to provide them with the best we can for the rest of their days, whether that be in the form of ourselves helping out, regular visits from a caregiver, or having them relocated to a more suitable environment such as a residential home. We can even choose to move them into our humble abode and commit to spending our days providing them with the continuous care they need. However, there are some important factors to consider when living with a senior citizen in your home.

What Kind Of Care Will the Person Require, How Much Care Can You Commit?

When moving an elderly person into your home you must take into account the actual scale of care the person needs. How are the person’s mental and physical state of health? Do they have any chronic illnesses? If so, the reality is, you will be able to cope? You may wish to care for the person yourself and provide them with the best quality of life however, do you possess the correct training and time that will enable you to provide the essential care required? In some circumstances, it can be best for all involved to consider residential homing. 

Great residential facilities like that of aged care services in Melbourne, can ensure to give your loved one premium care, providing them with the essential care they need. Or you may find your loved one to be in a relatively healthy and mobile condition, requiring less assistance, meaning they will not require around-the-clock care, hopefully, able to adapt to their new environment. You must be realistic, know your limits and think about just how much time you can commit to. It all comes down to the amount of care the person requires and whether you can deliver it.

Is Your Home Suitable For A Senior Citizen Or Can Adjustments Be Made?

When introducing an elderly person into your household you must be sure it is suitable and if it is not, can this be rectified? It is crucial measures are put into place to eliminate any hazards and Ideally, for people who struggle with their mobility, it is best to locate their living quarters on the lower floors, eradicating any danger of nasty accidents or tumbles down the stairs. If this is not possible then think about the possibility of installing a stairlift, if this is not an option then, in reality, it is going to be an impossible task for them and yourself to get to the upper floors. 

Other things to consider are the washing facilities, do you have a bathroom and restroom on the ground level and is suitable and free of potential hazards, if not will it be possible to make the important renovations and adjustments needed to ensure it will be appropriate and safe? Whenever considering moving an elderly person into your home, it is important to make adaptations to your home to provide a safe environment.

Do You Get Along?

When moving an elderly family member into your home you must have a strong, healthy relationship. Have you got on well over the years or has life brought you constant bickering? If your relationship hasn’t been a positive one, then moving your relative in could just end up bringing about more arguments and misery, causing the both of you to live in a constantly negative environment. You may feel obligated and are offering your caring qualities to make up for events in the past however, this could only bring you both more misery and disagreements and it may be best to explore the other various care options.  

Having a beloved family member move into the vicinity of your own home can be the perfect option however, you must take into account the scale of care, whether your home is suitable and the strength of your relationship.  

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