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We’ve come a long way since the early days of iGaming, when online casinos and poker rooms were just simple, static and unsecure websites with very little to keep players engaged.

The first online casino – InterCasino – was granted a license by Antigua and Barbuda way back in 1994; yet at that time nobody could have predicted the rapid evolution of the industry that followed over the next 25 years. You can now find literally thousands of gaming operators spread across all corners of the planet, each vying to attract, retain and build its customer base using every possible tactic and technology.

The competition is stronger than ever, which is why we’re seeing tremendous investment and innovation among new providers and established companies alike. The challenge of creating the most immersive gaming experience is fuelling new ideas and applications for cutting-edge tech. Here are three key areas of the iGaming market that are continuing to evolve at a frantic pace.


Loyalty and personalisation

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Retaining customers is a big challenge for any online casino operator. Members want to feel like they are being recognised and rewarded for their loyalty; if not, they’ll likely search elsewhere for another operator who offers a better experience or regular freebies.

Up and coming casinos like Wildz are among a new breed of operator that puts personalisation at the heart of gaming. Along with a hefty 100% deposit match bonus up to $500, they also make a point of personalising rewards based on gameplay preferences. The site is still in development, though it already stands out from the crowd in terms of UX, design and visual appeal. No doubt you can go wildz here whilst enjoying a user-friendly experience at the same time.



Payment methods

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Along with standard deposit and withdrawal methods like credit card, bank transfer and PayPal, there’s a growing trend that’s led many online casinos to offer alternative ways to send and receive funds to your account.

The basic here is to make deposits and withdrawal as quick and hassle-free as possible. Vendors like Skrill and Apple Pay are now offered by an increasing number of casinos, each allowing players to withdraw their winnings within just a day or two, rather than the typical three to five business days. There are also plenty of casinos geared towards cryptocurrencyaficionados, allowing players to fund their account using the likes of Bitcoin and Litecoin.




Virtual reality

“Woman Using a Samsung VR Headset at SXSW” (CC BY 2.0) by nan palmero”

Despite the fact that several online casinos have already started to venture down the road of VR technology, there’s still plenty of room for development in terms of integrating and establishing VR within the mainstream of iGaming.

This is partly down to the capability and price points of the hardware. Headsets manufactured by the likes of HTC and Oculus were quite expensive on release, though are gradually becoming more affordable as the market gets more and more saturated with competitors.

So, despite the incredible progress we’ve seen throughout the iGaming industry, it seems there’s a lot more to come from the world of online casinos, slots games and poker rooms. Watch this space!

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